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Praxis für Fertilität

The Praxis für Fertilität is Berlin’s most modern fertility clinic. Situated in the centre of the city, it can be easily reached by all modes of public transport. There are two multi-storey car parks nearby, and a hotel in the same building. Numerous other hotels can be found in the immediate vicinity. The Berlin sperm bank is also located in the building.
What sets the clinic apart is its high degree of flexibility and its patient-centred approach to treatment. It is thanks to the extremely experienced staff who work at the IVF lab and our cutting edge equipment that our clinic is able to achieve its outstanding pregnancy rates. An ultra-modern clean-room IVF laboratory was installed in 2016. Our experienced and competent team of nurses complements the high level of medical treatment we provide. Couples seeking fertility treatment will appreciate the harmonious atmosphere and the professional, empathetic and heartfelt way in which their therapy is delivered. Patients who have undergone treatment here repeatedly talk about how sensitively treatment is provided throughout the clinic.


The clinic is run by Dr Peet (a pioneer among Berlin IVF specialists since the mid-1980s) and Dr Wilkening (who has 20 years of experience in fertility treatment). The team also includes three other members: Dr Metzger has many years of experience in sterility treatment, Ms Glaser is a longstanding endometriosis specialist, while Dr Nickel has six years of experience in treating childless couples. Besides the usual fertility treatments, the clinic specializes in treating older women and those who have failed to respond to treatment in the past, as well as in diagnosing implantation failures. IVF and ICSI treatments with soft stimulation and within the natural cycle are a standard part of our service, as is the treatment of couples and singles with donor sperm.

specialized treatment areas

Diagnosis of fertility problems Cutting edge fertility treatment
Hormone treatment Insemination – including with donor sperm
In-vitro fertilization (IVF) ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
Endometriosis Treatment of female couples
Treatment of singles In-house sperm bank


Languages: German, English, Spanish and French. Contact with interpreters for Russian, Arabic and Chinese is available.

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