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Preparing for your stay

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Before embarking on a trip for medical purposes, it is essential to plan carefully so that everything goes smoothly during your stay. To make sure that you do not forget anything important when preparing for your trip, we have put together a checklist for you on this page. It will help you check that you really have thought of everything.

You will also find our information sheets here: they contain all kinds of useful info and tips about your trip. Check out details about entry and visa requirements for Germany, the German healthcare system and its invoicing procedures, and how best to travel to Berlin.

For your convenience, the checklist and information sheets can be downloaded as PDF files and printed out.

Your Checklist – for a pleasant stay

  • 1 Preparations

    Describe your concerns and send the necessary documents to the hospital.

  • 2 Relevant documents

    Inform yourself about your medical visa and select all documents. 

  • 3 Stay

    Inform yourself in time about your hospital and a appropriate accommodation. 

  • 4 After discharge

    Verify if you will need a medication or further treatment. 

Important information for your journey on

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Your journey

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Important information

Information for EU citizens

Download Factsheet as PDF

Download PDF

Patients with EU health insurance can take advantage of medical treatment in another EU member state. Assuming certain formal conditions are met, the costs of such treatment will be covered by their own health insurance. This information sheet explains the various differences, the aspects you should take into account and the precautions you should take.

Healthcare in Germany

Download Factsheet as PDF

Download PDF

The German healthcare system has its roots in the nineteenth century, which makes it the world’s first publicly accessible system of healthcare. It has evolved historically and is made up of various actors and components. This information sheet provides you with an overview of the structure and funding of the healthcare system.

Healthcare location Berlin

Download Factsheet as PDF

Download PDF

The German capital has a tradition of hospital care that dates back 300 years. National and international experts work in Berlin, their expertise encompassing virtually the entire spectrum of medical treatment. This information sheet provides you with a compact summary of all the benefits that Berlin offers as a centre for healthcare.

Useful information for your visit to Berlin

Download Factsheet as PDF

Download PDF

Before you set off to Berlin, we would like to help by providing you with some useful information for your visit. This information sheet contains lots of handy tips, for example about using public transport or taking a taxi in the German capital, and about planning your activities there.

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