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sporthopaedicum Berlin

sporthopaedicum Berlin is a highly specialized orthopaedic and surgical centre for the treatment of sports injuries and joint disorders. All of its orthopaedists and surgeons have many years of experience of diagnosis and treatment in their respective specialist fields. In line with the centre’s philosophy of “expertise through specialization”, its experts aim to provide patients with treatment tailored to their individual needs with a view to attaining the best possible outcome. The doctors at sporthopaedicum have won numerous international awards and for several years have been listed among Germany’s top experts by FOCUS magazine. Professional international sportspeople, Olympic athletes and members of various national teams are attracted by the centre’s reputation for outstanding care and successful treatment results. Over 30,000 patients are treated annually, including more than 3,000 surgeries for knee, shoulder, spine, and hip patients.


sporthopaedicum offers state-of-the-art facilities including digital X-ray, high-resolution MRI, digital volumetric tomography, and ultrasound. Various biological treatments are also available, such as plasma therapy and cartilage regeneration. The clinic also features a Centre for Functional Diagnostics and Rehabilitation (see: rehathleticum).

Dr. Christian Groß is an exceptional surgeon with over 15 years of experience in operative and conservative treatment of acute injuries, degenerative diseases, deformities, tumors, fractures and infections of the spine. Dr. Groß holds two Master Certificates of the German Spine Society for conservative and surgical treatment.

Prof. Dr. Dennis Liem is an internationally recognized shoulder and elbow surgeon. He specializes in the treatment of all shoulder disorders, from ligament and cartilage injuries, “frozen shoulder” and joint instability to shoulder replacement surgery. He regularly treats professional athletes and presents his clinical work at national and international conferences.

Prof Dr. Sven Scheffler is an internationally renowned knee surgeon. He treats knee injuries, always with the primary aim of preserving the joint, and specializes in cruciate ligament and cartilage surgery, as well as in osteotomy procedures to correct deformities and meniscus transplantation. He works with international professional sports clubs and is a chairman in various scientific organizations. 

Dr. Arno Schmeling is an acknowledged expert in knee injuries and patellofemoral instability. He is a committee member of the German knee society and has an extensive experience in all kinds of joint-preserving surgeries of the knee joint.

Dr. Frank Schneider is a senior specialist in partial and total hip and knee replacement surgery. He also serves as an instructor on surgical training courses. With long-standing experience in primary and revision joint replacement, he is one of the most sought-after surgeons in the region.

Dr. Ferzan Süzer is an expert in conservative orthopedics and sports traumatology. She is pioneering holistic therapy for acquired, inflammatory, and degenerative diseases, and sports injuries prevention. Dr. Süzer is a member of several professional associations and regularly publishes her scientific work.

Dr. Serafeim Tsitsilonis, MD, PhD. is a known expert in foot and ankle surgery specializing in complex pathologies and sport injuries. He provides the whole spectrum of the conservative and surgical treatment including ligament reconstructions, total ankle replacement, arthroscopically assisted fusions, and joint-preserving corrective osteotomies. Dr. Serafeim Tsitsilonis is advising professional athletes and dancers, as well as amateurs. He is active in scientific committees and serves as a faculty at congresses around the globe.

Dr. Michael Wagner is a renowned expert who specializes in knee reconstruction surgery, including complex joint instability, revision cases as well as correction of complex axis malalignment. He also treats patients with early-onset osteoarthritis and complex ligament injuries.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Weiler is an internationally renowned knee surgeon specializing in multi-ligament injuries and disorders of the posterior cruciate ligament, meniscus and cartilage. He also treats international ballet dancers, including German State Ballet (Deutsche Oper).


Video consultation

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You have the possibility to arrange a video consultation with one of our specialists. To make an appointment, please provide your up-to-date medical reports (preferably not older than 3 months) in English, Russian or German. Kindly note that this service is subject to a fee and that a prepayment has to be made. Please allow the doctor some time to review your documents, the international office will get back to you as soon as possible.


Specialized treatment areas

Knee: Injuries to the cruciate and collateral ligaments, Patellofemoral instability, Meniscal damage (incl. partial replacement, transplant), Cartilage damage / transplant, Osteotomies  Shoulder: Tears to the rotator cuff and shoulder impingement syndrome, Calcific tendinitis / frozen shoulder, Dislocation and instability
Hip: Articular constriction, cartilage damage, Arthroscopic treatment aimed at preserving the joint, Hip replacement surgery


International Office
Medical interpreter services available for other languages, accompanying and transfer service (upon request, additional charges)

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