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Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (ukb)

One of Germany’s most highly regarded hospitals, Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (ukb) has made a name for itself thanks to its state-of-the-art medical equipment and diagnostic methods, outstanding doctors of international renown, exclusive treatments and short waiting times. The ukb is also one of the world’s leading hospitals in a number of specialist fields, such as the treatment of burn, spinal cord and hand injuries. 
Opened in 2016, the Comfort Ward offers all the comfort of a five-star hotel and provides patients with individual round-the-clock care so as to give them the very best chances of a speedy recovery. All patient rooms are equipped with a comfortable bed, a flat-screen television with Sky TV, a safe and a fridge with mini bar. As well as offering a wide range of meal choices, the ukb is happy to take special dietary requests into account.
The ukb belongs to the “BG Kliniken – Klinikverbund der gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung gGmbH” group.


Comfort Ward
Culturally adapted Meals
International Office
Cardiology ENT (Ear, nose and throat medicine)
General, vascular and visceral surgery Neurosurgery
Neurology Orthopaedics
Plastic and aesthetic surgery Rehabilitation

Advanced Medicine

More than 3,800 operations are carried out every year at the Clinic for Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics. Broken bones are treated on a minimal impact basis and using state-of-the-art implants. Another focus at the clinic is on the treatment of complex bone, joint and soft tissue infections. This includes reaming of the medullary cavity and the removal of bone and soft tissue segments that have undergone inflammatory changes.
The Neurosurgery Clinic treats patients who require complex brain or spinal surgery. More than 1,200 operations are performed at the clinic every year. Specialized treatment areas are brain tumour surgery, treatment of degenerative spinal diseases and intraspinal tumours, diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries and all forms of internal hydrocephalus.
The Burn Centre with Plastic Surgery is one of Europe’s largest and most modern centres for burn injuries. As well as providing acute care of severe burns and treating related complications using the patient’s own skin, artificial or cultured skin, the centre also specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, including cosmetic procedures.
Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (Accident Hospital Berlin)
photo: Volkmar Otto / ukb
Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (Accident Hospital Berlin)

Our experts

Др. мед. наук Дирк Каспер
Dr. med. Dirk Casper
Senior Physician and Medical Coordinator of the Comfort Ward, Clinic for Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics at the ukb
Focus: Arthroscopic joint surgery, Hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joint replacements, Fracture treatment, including complications after fracture treatment, ...
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Проф. др. мед. наук Патрик Шусс
Prof. Dr. med. Patrick Schuss
Director of the Department of Neurosurgery, specialist in neurosurgery, additional qualification in intensive care medicine
Focus: Injury consequences of the craniocerebral trauma, Brain tumors (gliomas, metastases, meningiomas, etc.), ...
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Портрет Др. мед. наук Хенрика Тилеманна в "Unfallkrankenhaus" (ukb)
Dr. med. Henryk Thielemann, MBA
Clinic Director, Visceral Medicine Center (General and Visceral Surgery & Gastroenterology)
Focus: Surgery of the abdominal organs including tumors, Hernia surgery (abdominal wall reconstruction), Endoscopic diagnostics and therapy
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