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Helios Klinikum Emil von Behring

With 507 beds, Helios Klinikum Emil von Behring is one of the largest tertiary care providers in the southwest of Berlin.

The hospital combines top-class medicine with a particularly high level of comfort. Alongside its certified Thoracic Centre, Lung Cancer Centre, Berlin Southwest Vascular Centre and Diabetes Centre, it also offers a range of departments specializing in various fields, including general, visceral and minimally invasive surgery, anaesthesiology and pain therapy, certified paediatric medicine, and aesthetic surgery with a dedicated hand surgery section.


Accommodation Facilities for Accompanying Persons
Airport Transfer
Bedside Internet Terminal
Comfort Ward
Culturally adapted Meals
International Media
International Office
Religious Practice Facilities
WLAN Access in the Room
Cardiac Surgery Cardiology
Dermatology Diabetology
ENT (Ear, nose and throat medicine) General, vascular and visceral surgery
Gastroenterology Neurosurgery
Orthopaedics Ophthalmology
Oncology Paediatrics
Plastic and aesthetic surgery Pneumology
Prevention and diagnostics Rheumatology

Advanced Medicine

Headed by chief physician Professor Dr. med. Marc H. Jansen, the Department of General, Visceral and Minimally-Invasive Surgery is a certified centre specializing in laparoscopic bowel surgery, among other procedures. It boasts outstanding expertise in the surgical treatment of oesophageal, stomach, liver, pancreatic and bowel cancer.

The Department of Thoracic Surgery at the Lung Clinic Heckeshorn is a certified thoracic centre offering the entire spectrum of innovative methods of treating thoracic diseases. Alongside the Department of Pneumology, it is one of the leading lung centres in Germany; as a certified lung cancer centre, it enjoys an outstanding national and international reputation for the treatment of lung cancer.

The HELIOS Paediatric Centre Berlin Southwest at the Department of Paediatric Orthopaedics and Paediatric Traumatology specializes in the treatment and therapy of all neurological and orthopaedic diseases in children and adolescents, as well as of injuries and associated consequences.
HELIOS Klinikum Emil von Behring, advanced medicine
HELIOS Klinikum Emil von Behring

Our experts

Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Pfannschmidt
Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Pfannschmidt
Chief physician at the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the Lung Clinic Heckeshorn
Focus: Modern minimally invasive procedures (VATS, laser), Lung tumours and metastases, Pulmonary and pleural tuberculosis diseases, ...
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Prof. Dr. med. Marc H. Jansen
Prof. Dr. med. Marc H. Jansen
Chief physician at the Department of General, Visceral and Minimally Invasive Surgery at the Certified Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery Berlin-Southwest
Focus: Minimally invasive colorectal surgery, ...
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Dr. med. Jan Matussek
Dr. med. Jan Matussek
Chief Physician at the Clinic for Paediatric Orthopedics and Paediatric Traumatology
Focus: Deformities and injuries of the feet, and associated consequences (including club foot, oblique talus, pes valgus), ...
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Dr. Sebastian Herrmann
Dr. med. Sebastian Herrmann
Senior Physician, Clinic for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Head of the Orthopedic MVZ at Emil von Behring Hospital
Focus: Shoulder, elbow surgery: Arthroscopic and open surgery of the shoulder joint, Rotator cuff reconstructions, Shoulder TEPs, Elbow arthroscopies, Elbow TEPs
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Prof. Dr. Eckart Schott
Prof. Dr. Eckart Schott
Chief Physician of the Department of Internal Medicine, Clinic for Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Diabetology
Focus: Treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the digestive tract, Reflux esophagitis, Gastritis, ...
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Dr. med. Börge Arndt
Dr. med. Börge Arndt
Chief Physician for Hematology and Oncology at Helios Emil von Behring
Focus: Treatment of blood and tumor diseases with chemotherapy, antibody therapy or immunotherapy, Gastrointestinal oncology, Personalized precision oncology
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Prof. Dr. med. Cemil Özcelik
Prof. Dr. med. Cemil Özcelik
Chief Physician of the Clinic for Cardiology
Focus: Diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, ...
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