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Physiotherapy Marsch Berlin-Mitte

„We don‘t treat the symptom. We treat the reason.“ – this is the guideline of our practice „Physiotherapie Marsch“ in Berlin-Mitte. Our practice is in the center of the german capital where our professional team cares about your disorders. In addition to the typical physiotherapeutic methods, we are focussing on osteopathy, special rehabilitations for athletes and two types of massages. With the aid of these therapeutic methods we support you during your process of getting well again.

Furthermore, we are still on your side after your recovery: our skilled personal trainers offer different courses to help you to a better fitness, more healthiness and a regenerative stress relaxation. With all of our offerings we are responsive to your individual requests and conditions –this way, you can achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

Specialized treatment areas

Manual Therapy Remedial Gymnastics
Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)
Hand Rehabilitation Massage
Kinesio Taping Migraine Therapy
Personal Training


International Office
Interpreter Services included

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