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Patients with a gastrointestinal inflammation or infection will feel very ill and will generally require quick medical help. The most common complaints include inflammations of the oesophagus, gastric mucosa, stomach and bowel, as well as intestinal infections caused by pathogens or parasites. Unfortunately, cancer is also very common in the gastrointestinal tract. Stomach cancer is often attributable to genetic factors or is brought about by a poor diet, smoking and alcohol. Bowel cancer is the most frequent malignant tumour found in the digestive tract, though it can be treated well if detected at an early stage.

Doctors specializing in internal medicine use a comprehensive range of diagnostic measures so as to be able to correctly assess and treat such diseases. These include gastroscopy and colonoscopy. During the course of these endoscopic examinations it is even possible for the doctor to perform minor surgical procedures such as a biopsy or the removal of polyps.

Regular prophylactic colonoscopies can significantly lower bowel cancer morbidity and mortality. Early detection allows treatment to begin in good time, helping to save lives.

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