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Facilities performing ENT Medicine

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Ear, nose and throat (ENT) medicine is concerned with the treatment of diseases in the region of ear, nose and the paranasal sinuses resp. of mouth and throat. The accordant medical diagnostics are capable of analysing functional disturbances regarding smelling, hearing and tasting, of clarifying balance disorders and of detecting tumours in the head- and neck region. 

Many patients from abroad are traveling to Germany in order to undergo a hearing prosthesis implantation by means of a so called cochlea implant (CI) at specialised centres. Deaf and hearing-impaired persons can thus regain major parts of their hearing capacity after the implantation of an electrode into the inner ear combined with professional hearing training. Some ENT clinics have furthermore specialised in the performance of rhinoplasties where the nasal size or shape is being corrected in the course of a plastic-surgical intervention. The excision of the tonsils and nasal septum corrections represent other frequent interventions.

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