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Sleep medicine facilities

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Sleep disorders are one of the most common medical problems and have been on the increase for years. They can be caused by external or organic factors and sometimes affect the patient's performance for a short time, sometimes over a longer period of time.

First and foremost is insomnia, difficulty in falling asleep and/or sleeping through, followed by nocturnal respiratory disorders and restless legs during sleep to circadian wake-sleep rhythm disturbances (e.g. shift worker syndrome), parasomnias (e.g. sleepwalking) and hypersomnia (e.g. narcolepsy).

Sleep doctors can decide on the basis of anamnesis, special questionnaires and, if necessary, a domestic measurement of sleep, activity or breathing, whether those affected need further diagnosis. If necessary, sleep disorders can be examined more closely in the sleep laboratory, where the patient is usually connected to polysomnography devices for two nights and body signals such as brain waves, heart rate, breathing movements in the heart and abdomen, muscle tension, eye movements, air flow and oxygen saturation in the blood are measured.


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Berlin – Centre of medical excellence

Berlin has a worldwide reputation for top-class medicine – boasting Europe's largest university hospital, the Charité, as well as an extensive network of first-rate research facilities and institutions. The German capital offers national and international patients the entire spectrum of modern medicine to treat any kind of medical condition. Working in accordance with German quality and service standards, more than 90 hospitals and some 9,200 doctors in general or specialist practices do their utmost every day to provide the best possible medical care. The growing number of international patients speaks volumes: Berlin can justifiably call itself Germany's “health capital”.

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