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Facilities performing Rheumatology

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Rheumatic diseases tend to be very painful and inflammatory conditions. They can affect people of all ages, even children and adolescents. Rheumatoid arthritis is particularly common and involves very painful joints, though soft tissue (muscles, ligaments and tendons) can be affected as well as joints and bones.

Rheumatology is a sub-discipline of internal medicine that is concerned with diagnosing and treating autoimmune disorders, which tend to be chronic. Examples of common rheumatic conditions are rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, ankylosing spondylitis, joint inflammation due to infection or psoriasis, and systemic lupus erythematosus. Most non-inflammatory rheumatic conditions are symptoms of ageing or wear, or are due to injuries that can be treated by specialists in orthopaedics.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to treat rheumatic diseases. Additional relief can be provided by physiotherapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy. For some patients with a rheumatic condition in an advanced stage, surgery is the only option, the affected joint being either stiffened or replaced by an artificial one. A special diet can often have a positive impact on the therapy outcome.

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Berlin – Centre of medical excellence

Berlin has a worldwide reputation for top-class medicine – boasting Europe's largest university hospital, the Charité, as well as an extensive network of first-rate research facilities and institutions. The German capital offers national and international patients the entire spectrum of modern medicine to treat any kind of medical condition. Working in accordance with German quality and service standards, more than 90 hospitals and some 9,200 doctors in general or specialist practices do their utmost every day to provide the best possible medical care. The growing number of international patients speaks volumes: Berlin can justifiably call itself Germany's “health capital”.

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