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Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin (Buch)

Situated in Buch, Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin is one of the largest specialist rheumatology hospitals in Germany, offering rheumatology services both in an outpatient clinic and on an inpatient basis with 80 beds. The hospital specializes in diagnosing and treating systemic inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as connective tissue diseases and vasculitis, rheumatoid lung disease and rheumatic conditions associated with infection. A central principle of the hospital’s approach is comprehensive treatment by an interdisciplinary team comprising rheumatologists, internal medical specialists, orthopaedists and specialists in other fields. This holistic approach also encompasses specialized physiotherapy, occupational therapy and pain therapy, as well as accompanying psychological treatment. If surgery should be required, close collaboration with the orthopaedic department at the Wannsee site ensures expert treatment.


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Advanced Medicine

The hospital specializes in diagnosing and treating systemic rheumatic diseases and in providing multimodal rheumatological treatment of inflammatory and degenerative disorders of the locomotor system.

Interdisciplinary collaboration at the Berlin-Buch site guarantees treatment of all rheumatic diseases at the highest scientific level. The hospital offers every possible kind of individualized complex therapy, encompassing guideline-based drug therapy, intensive physiotherapy and accompanying psychological treatment.

A large outpatient clinic and highly efficient diagnostic imaging department ensure rapid and targeted diagnostics. The hospital’s participation in clinical studies guarantees modern drug treatment with access to the latest therapeutic methods.
Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin-Buch, care
Immanuel Diakonie GmbH, Foto: Edgar Zippel
Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin-Buch, ergotherapy
Immanuel Diakonie GmbH, Foto: Marco Urban

Our experts

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Krause
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Krause
Medical director of the Internal Medicine Clinic and chief physician at the Department of Internal Medicine, Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology
Focus: Infectious and parasitic diseases such as Lyme disease, Rheumatological diseases, Autoimmune diseases , Autoimmune diseases that affect the lungs
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