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Facilities performing Rehabilitation

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After an operation or serious disease, rehabilitation may help the patient concerned to resume a healthy and independent lifestyle. Depending on the particular situation and illness, rehabilitation may include physical therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, equipment-based training and many other types of therapy. Specialist rehabilitation doctors accompany the patient on their path back into normal life. This may happen on an inpatient basis in the hospital or in an outpatient clinic.

Among the most common indications for rehabilitation are neurological diseases such as a stroke. Once the condition has been treated in the hospital, early-phase rehabilitation begins, initially stimulating the patient’s motor and sensory functions. Patients may then be taught by an occupational therapist how to dress or wash themselves. During the subsequent phase, patients prepare themselves for everyday life outside the hospital, practising routine processes and gaining in confidence. Besides neurological rehabilitation, a patient may be offered orthopaedic rehabilitation following an operation, cardiological rehabilitation after a heart attack or oncological rehabilitation following cancer therapy.

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Comprehensive medical care

Berlin – Centre of medical excellence

Berlin has a worldwide reputation for top-class medicine – boasting Europe's largest university hospital, the Charité, as well as an extensive network of first-rate research facilities and institutions. The German capital offers national and international patients the entire spectrum of modern medicine to treat any kind of medical condition. Working in accordance with German quality and service standards, more than 90 hospitals and some 9,200 doctors in general or specialist practices do their utmost every day to provide the best possible medical care. The growing number of international patients speaks volumes: Berlin can justifiably call itself Germany's “health capital”.

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