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Stay updated! Our english newsletter „Berlin Medical News“ will inform you about the recent developments in the medical landscape of Berlin. Coming from the newsrooms of our medical partners you will receive information about Berlins high-class medicine, the latest treatment options and the experts and specialists you are looking for. Information about Berlin and its modern hotel and touristic infrastructure will complement the news.

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Berlin Medical News

Newsletter April 2024

In recent years, there have been ground-breaking innovations in cancer research and treatment. New approaches are also being used at the Berlin clinics. Despite the probable increase in cancer cases in the future, this gives us hope. In our current newsletter, you can read about examples from Charité and Helios and about the medical focuses of specialists Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli (ovarian cancer), PD Dr. Peter Reichardt (sarcomas) and Prof. Dr. Bertram Glaß (hematology & stem cell therapy).

Newsletter June 2023

In terms of medical innovation, Berlin has always been in the forefront. Find more about the robotical assistant (ROSA) at Evangelische Elisabeth Klinik, gender specific medicine at Immanuel Heart Center Brandenburg, a new research at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin on migraine during menstruation. Also learn about the medical focus of Prof. Dr. Max Heiland (Medical Director of the Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Charité) and a smart app that helps Prof. Dr. Carsten Perka, Medical Director of the Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery.

Newsletter December 2021

What is important in these times, still heavily affected by the Corona virus, is to globally close ranks and better prepare for any future pandemic events. That is why in September the World Health Organization (WHO) in Berlin inaugurated the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence. Another new foundation stone was laid for Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité' (DHZC). In future, expertise in the treatment of heart disease will be pooled on the Virchow Campus.
You can also read how a promising long-term study on gene replacement therapy for spinal muscular atrophy is being conducted under the direction of Prof. Dr. Angela M. Kaindl, head of the Department of Paediatric Neurology and Director of the Centre for Chronically at Charité.

Newsletter May 2021

With one year into the Corona pandemic we realize how important our health is. Find news about our hospital partners Charité, Vivantes and Medical Park Berlin. Also, learn about the signs of scoliosis (Dr. Matussek), the impact of light (Prof. Dr. Ludwig-Peitsch) and the possibilities of psychiatric/psychotherapeutic treatment for patients from abroad at Fliedner Klinik Berlin (Prof. Dr. Adli).

Newsletter September 2019

Read the news from our hospital partners Charité, Vivantes and Immanuel Klinikum. Find out what Maximilian Riehl, Managing Director of Medical Park Berlin Humboldtmühle has to say about medical travel to Berlin. Learn more about causes and consequences of chronic heartburn with Prof. Marc H. Jansen.

Newsletter November 2018

Enjoy reading our first newsletter and get the news about our medical destination Berlin! We highlight medical services of several of our partners and introduce you to some of our doctors. See what tourist highlights we have in this time of the year!

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