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Facilities performing Psychiatry

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Psychological disorders are among the most widespread diseases nowadays. According to a WHO study, one in ten people worldwide suffers from depression or anxiety disorders, no small number of them having to undergo inpatient treatment at a psychiatric or psychosomatic clinic. Burnout and dementia are also common psychological diseases.

Only an experienced psychiatric expert or psychotherapist can make a clinical diagnosis. This involves assessing whether the patient is suffering from one particular or indeed several psychological disorders, and how pronounced these are. This is important because the type of therapy can differ considerably depending on the kind and severity of the disease.

Disorders of the cerebral metabolism may play a part in some psychological diseases. In this case, drugs (known as psychotropic drugs) can be used. Psychotherapy is also a scientifically founded method of treating psychological diseases. 

Patients coming from abroad need to consider in advance whether it makes sense to undergo therapy in the presence of a trusted interpreter. It is also important to remember that psychotherapy is a lengthy process that can rarely be completed in just a handful of sessions.

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Comprehensive medical care

Berlin – Centre of medical excellence

Berlin has a worldwide reputation for top-class medicine – boasting Europe's largest university hospital, the Charité, as well as an extensive network of first-rate research facilities and institutions. The German capital offers national and international patients the entire spectrum of modern medicine to treat any kind of medical condition. Working in accordance with German quality and service standards, more than 90 hospitals and some 9,200 doctors in general or specialist practices do their utmost every day to provide the best possible medical care. The growing number of international patients speaks volumes: Berlin can justifiably call itself Germany's “health capital”.

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