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Prof. Dr. med. Ingo Fietze

Head of the Interdisciplinary Center of Sleep Medicine, Senior physician, Internist, Pneumologist, Somnologist

Portrait Prof. Dr. med. Ingo Fietze
photo: Illing & Vossbeck


  • Specialist in pathophysiology
  • Specialist in internal medicine / pulmonology / somnology
  • Since 2000 Head of Sleep Laboratory, Charité University Hospital Berlin
  • Since 2005 Head of Interdisciplinary Center of Sleep Medicine, department of Cardiology/Angiology, Charité University Hospital Berlin
  • 2015 Appointed Professor at the Charité University Berlin
  • Since 2019 Director of Interdisciplinary Center of Sleep Medicine, Charité University Hospital Berlin


Differential diagnosis of all kinds of sleep disorders Medical care of patients with sleep disorders and co-morbid diseases
Ambulatory monitoring of sleep apnea, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, restless legs and hypersomnia Cardiorespiratory Polysomnography (inclusive capnometry, esophageal pressure measurement, blood pressure measurement)
10/20 Electroencephalography Cognitive Performance Tests
Daytime tests for sleepiness and cognition


Languages: English, German, Russian

More than 250 Publications and author of several books

Chair of the Germany Sleep Foundation

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