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Prof. Dr. med. Ullrich Meier

Director of the Neurosurgery Clinic

Prof. Dr. med. Ullrich Meier
photo: Dorothea Scheurlen /ukb


  • 1988: Specialist in neurosurgery
  • 1992: Doctor in diagnostic radiology / neuroradiology
  • 1990 – 1997: Senior doctor at the Neurosurgical Clinic, Städtisches Krankenhaus im Friedrichshain, Berlin
  • Since 1997: Director of the Neurosurgery Clinic, Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin


Bullet wounds to the head, brain and spine Traumatic brain injuries
Brain tumours Hydrocephalus
Degenerative spinal disorders Spinal pain therapy


Languages: German, English, Russian

50 to 100 operations in each of the aforementioned treatment areas per year

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