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Dr. med. Tom G. Kirchner

Specialist for General Surgery, Visceral Surgery and Special Visceral Surgery

Др. мед. наук Том Г. Кирхнер


  • Additional qualification in proctology
  • Additional qualification in minimally invasive surgery
  • Since 2008 Head of the Coloproctological/Visceral Surgery Center at the MIC hospital
  • Since 2008 Head of the Pelvic Floor Center at the MIC hospital
  • Since 2012 owner and head of a surgical practice with focus on rectal and hernia surgery


Colon and rectal surgery (coloproctology) Oncology of the digestive system (cancer)
General abdominal surgery (gallbladder, reflux surgery, hernia surgery, gastric surgery, etc.) Treatment of pelvic floor disorders
Treatment of incontinence Thyroid surgery
Coloproctological endometriosis surgery

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