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Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Kiwit

Chief physician in neurosurgery and pain therapy

Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Kiwit
HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch, Thomas Oberländer


  • 1975 – 1980: Degree in human medicine and PhD (1983) at the University of Düsseldorf
  • 1991: Specialist in neurosurgery
  • 1992: Postdoctoral lecture qualification
  • 1997: Professorship at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Düsseldorf
  • Since 1998: Chief physician in neurosurgery, HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch
  • Since 2005: Head of the spine specialist group at the HELIOS Hospitals Group
  • Since 2007: Deputy director of HELIOS Privatkliniken GmbH Berlin-Buch
  • Additional qualifications in “special pain therapy” and “X-ray diagnostics in a specific field”


Minimally-invasive spinal surgery Circulatory disorders of the brain
Brain tumour treatment Pain therapy
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