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PD Dr. med. Per-Ulf Tunn

Chief physician Orthopaedic Oncology

PD Dr. med. Per-Ulf Tunn
Thomas Oberländer/Helios Kliniken


  • 1984 – 1991 Medical studies, Humboldt-University Berlin
  • 1987 Internship, Cardiovascular Diagnostics Institute Charité
  • 1990 Senior physician Orthopaedics, University Hospital Benjamin Franklin
  • 1991 – 1993 Internship, Robert-Ressle-Klinik at Rudolf-Virchow-Hospital (orthopaedic oncology center)
  • 1994 Physician, surgery department, Heidelberg University Hospital
  • 1994 – 1995 Orthopaedics specialist, Robert-Ressle-Klinik
  • 1995 – 1997 Associate Professor in Nuclear Medicine
  • 1997 – 1998 Orthopaedic Oncology specialist, Charité - Campus Berlin Buch
  • 1998 – 2007 Senior Orthopaedic Oncology physician (later director), Charité - Campus Berlin Buch
  • 2001 – 2017 Internship Orthopaedic Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston (USA)
  • 2007 – 2017 Head of the department of Musculoskeletal Tumour and Sarcoma center, Helios Berlin-Brandenburg; Head of Orthopaedic Trauma, Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch
  • Since 2017 Head of Orthopaedic Oncology, Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch


Treatment of tumours and metastases Surgical therapy of tumours of the supporting and locomotor system
Malignant tumours in muscle, fat or connective tissue Special treatment for skin cancer ILP (Isolated Limb Perfusion)
Bone tumour therapy (osteoid osteoma)


Languages: German, English

Member of the German Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU), Federal Association of Osteopathy (BVO), Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS), European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society (EMSOS), Interdisciplinary Working Group Soft Tissue Sarcomas (IAWS)

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