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Healthy teeth play an important part in good overall health. All kinds of general complaints such as backache, headache or tinnitus may in many cases be caused by problems with the teeth or chewing apparatus. And the reverse is also true: many diseases (e.g. blood diseases, cancer, infections) involve symptoms in the oral cavity. This is why dentists often collaborate with experts in other disciplines such as orthodontics, osteopathy, neurology and maxillary surgery. 

The most common causes of excruciating toothache are exposed necks of the teeth, corroded enamel, caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. Conservative dental treatment aims to diagnose the caries, remove any demineralized and infected parts of the tooth, and reconstruct the tooth using appropriate material. If a tooth cannot be preserved, a crown, bridge or implant can be used to replace it. Aesthetics play an important role in dentistry alongside medical considerations.

To ensure healthy teeth, it is important to learn how to clean one’s teeth properly, starting in early childhood. A diet containing as little sugar as possible is also essential. To maintain good oral health, regular check-ups and professional dental cleaning are very important.

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