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Facilities performing Fertility Medicine

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Not all couples wishing to have a baby find themselves able to conceive without medical help. This can often pose a considerable burden on a family, prompting them to seek advice at a specialized fertility clinic.

The first step is to diagnose the possible cause in either the woman or the man. The woman will be asked about the history of her menstrual cycle, and ultrasound or endoscopic procedures are performed to examine the reproductive organs. Men undergo manual and ultrasound examinations and have their semen analysed and their hormone levels checked. 

Depending on the diagnosis, a variety of treatment is available. This can involve medication such as hormone therapy, surgery or artificial insemination. Experienced experts are familiar with the entire spectrum of possible causes and know about all the different ways to diagnose and treat infertility. They draw up a suitable treatment plan in discreet and confidential consultation sessions with the families.

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