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Prof. Dr. med. Burkert Pieske

Director, Department of Internal Medicine–Cardiology

Prof. Dr. med. Burkert Pieske
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  • Until 1998: Degree in medicine at Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich and Université René Descartes in Paris
  • Specialist medical training at the University of Freiburg, specializing in internal medicine, cardiology and intensive care
  • Several years of scientific training in Munich, Tokyo, Chicago, Philadelphia
  • Since 1998 Specialist and senior physician
  • 1999: University of Göttingen, head senior doctor and managing senior doctor of the Centre of Internal Medicine
  • 2007: Professor of cardiology and director of the Division of Cardiology at the Medical University of Graz, director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cardiac Insufficiency Research
  • Since 2014: Director of the Department of Internal Medicine – Cardiology at the DHZB, and professor of internal medicine and cardiology at the Charité


All fields of cardiology Cardiac insufficiency
Arrhythmia Coronary heart disease
Heart valve defects Pulmonary hypertension


25 years of experience in internal medicine, cardiology and intensive care

Interventional cardiology: over 2,000 catheter-based surgical procedures

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